The World is Your Gym

No More Excuses!

The World Is Your Gym To all of you new moms out there know that there is always time to get a workout in! As a new mommy of an 11 month old I have had to get creative in my workouts. There is no guarantee I will have “me” time and let’s be honest—if […]

Understanding Gender Differences in the Work Place

Presenter: Randa Davis

Join Randa Davis, owner of Corporate Talk LLC, as she explores the differences among genders and how they play out in the workplace. She will reveal whether or not women realistically have to “act like men” to get ahead. Webinar Date: Wednesday, October 12th at 1PM EST Webinar Outline: Summary of Presentation Common misconceptions about […]

“9 Phrases to Avoid Using in the Office”

By Alison Doyle

Earlier this year an article was released reviewing the 9 words you should avoid using in your workplace. These phrases can change the way your coworkers view you and also impede on your career. Unfortunately, these 9 words are most likely in your daily vocabulary, however, there are some alternatives! Here is a recap: Just: […]