5 Ways You Can Have it All

How many times have you heard that women cannot have it all? It is such an important topic to debate that numerous articles have been written, successful CEOs have spoken out about it and search #havingitall on social media will lead you to various conversations.

The debate is often about whether you can truly have a successful career or a close relationship with your family. Can you have fortune and a passionate love affair? Are you able to spend your money on things you want and invest in your favorite charity? What about traveling around the world if you have a career?
There are many that say you have to choice one or the other and I am here to tell you the secret of the successful and the uber rich… you CAN have both.

Why? Rich people live in a world of abundance and poor people live in a world of limitations.

What is amazing is that you have a choice. To be resourceful or limited by your limited resources.

Create an abundant mindset by telling yourself you can have it all. You can have your cake and eat it too. You have the power to change your beliefs which will change your choices, your attitude and overall your outcomes in life.
Here is how:

1) Look at things with the glass half full, not half empty.
Change how you look at things. Find the positive in everything no matter what. If you always see the bad and always think of the impossibilities, that is all you will see going forward. Be positive in how you approach your daily lives. This has a way of paying you back tenfold.

2) Focus on the abundance, not the lack.
You have so much to be grateful for and when you focus on the things that you have in abundance, you will see the world as a much different place. You will start to see opportunities for growth everywhere and appreciate the wonder around you.

3) Give back.
Do for others what you would like done for you. Find ways to give back to your community and networks without the expectation of something in return. Random acts of kindness and sharing have a way of opening up your mind to see the good you can contribute and the impact you have on others.

4) Be part of the solution, not the problem.
It is easy to call out all the problems in a situation and often you will get sympathy or endorsement from others in the same boat, but it is very difficult to be the solution to those problems. Find opportunities to stand apart and be the beacon of light that others will follow.

5) See opportunity everywhere you look – not just for you but for others also.
Open your mind and your eyes and see opportunity around you everywhere. It could be something small like an opportunity to improve a process or make somebody’s day with a smile. Or it could be something big like a new idea to evolve a business or a new connection. If you start looking for opportunities – you will notice they will come to your door every day. Just remember to open the door.