“9 Phrases to Avoid Using in the Office”

By Alison Doyle

Earlier this year an article was released reviewing the 9 words you should avoid using in your workplace. These phrases can change the way your coworkers view you and also impede on your career. Unfortunately, these 9 words are most likely in your daily vocabulary, however, there are some alternatives! Here is a recap:

  1. Just: Using just minimizes your request making it sound less important. If you tell someone that you are just checking in it makes it sound as if you are already disinterested in what they are about to say.
  2. Try/Hopefully: You either will or you won’t- don’t be uncertain. If you tell someone that you will try to get something done you are making it sound like it is a burden.
  3. I Think: Chances are if you are the one talking then we all know you are saying what YOU think.
  4. Literally/Actually/Honestly/Really: These are just fillers. If you have to say them it makes you sound less credible. Not to mention, most people use them incorrectly anyway!
  5. Sorry: Make sure you’re apologizing for something that warrants it. People overuse sorry all the time. Don’t apologize for every little thing. Be sure of yourself.
  6. Like: Plain and simple- it makes you sound stupid! I can’t help but think of the movie “Clueless” when people overuse like.
  7. Maybe: Choose to be decisive. It will make you appear more confident and dependable.
  8. Always/Never: Nothing is certain. It can also come across a little dramatic.
  9. Stuff/Thing: Again, makes you sound stupid. USE YOUR WORDS! If you take the extra second to think of the word you need it will make you sound much more educated.

If you’re anything like me you find yourself using these words A LOT! It becomes habit. I had to read through this article a few times to make sure I didn’t break the rules! Be conscious of your words and how you use them. Don’t use words for the sake of taking up space. Choose your words wisely. It will not only help you speak more clearly and decisively, but it will prove to those around you that you are professional and respectable. Click here to read the full article.

What are some of the other words or phrases you find yourself or others using just to take up space? Share your comments below!