Biological Differences Between Men and Women

Test Your Knowledge

In anticipation of our upcoming webinar “Understanding Gender Differences in the Workplace” I thought it would be fun to test your knowledge on biological differences between males and females. The answers are listed below.

Ready to get started?

Fact #1: This gender typically has better memory. Male or Female?

Fact #2: This gender has a higher standard of deviation in their IQs.

Fact #3: This gender is 3-10 times more likely to develop a stutter.

Fact #4: This gender is physically and neurologically more advanced at birth.

Fact #5: This gender tends to develop higher muscle mass above the torso as opposed to its counterpart who tends to have higher muscle mass below the torso.

Fact #6: This gender has a lower body fat percentage (13% compared to 26%)

Fact #7: This gender has a pointer finger that is longer than their ring finger.

Fact #8: This gender lives on average 7 years longer than the other.

Fact #9: This gender has better spacial cognition.

Fact #10: This gender uses more aerobic respiration for energy as opposed to anaerobic.

Let’s see how you did:

Fact #1 Answer: FEMALE!

Fact #2 Answer: MALES! This means that not only do men show some of the highest IQs- they also show some of the lowest.

Fact #3 Answer: MALES!

Fact #4 Answer: FEMALES! Males are more muscularly developed.

Fact #5 Answer: MALES! Males tend to have a stronger upper body while women tend to have stronger legs.

Fact #6 Answer: MALES! Females tend to have higher body fat percentages mostly for childbearing.

Fact #7 Answer: FEMALES! In males it may be the opposite or they may be the same size.

Fact #8 Answer: FEMALES! WOO HOO!

Fact #9 Answer: MALES!

Fact #10 Answer: FEMALES! This means that women use more oxygen for energy while men use electron acceptors other than oxygen.

Now that you’ve tested your knowledge on the biological differences between men and women, be sure to join us TODAY for “Understanding Gender Differences in the Workplace” with Randa Davis!

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