Top Resume Trends for 2016

The world around us is changing and so are the general practices of hiring new candidates to join top organizations. The question you need to ask yourself is… Does my resume reflect these new trends? Today’s recruiters share their wisdom on what you can expect in the upcoming year and provide you some tips to […]


Overcoming Your Toughest Communication Struggles

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 5 of She Talks Radio podcast. In this episode, Sue Guiher and I discuss how to thrive in life and in your careers. Sue Guiher, Business Coach Extraordinaire on her journey from corporate America to owning her own successful coaching practice which led to her invitation to teach for the […]

5 Tips to Delegate Effectively to Your Staff

Successful Managers Know How to Delegate Effectively, Here’s How...

Effective delegation is an important tool for any manager and some may argue more of an art over science. But research shows us that some managers hesitate to delegate at all perhaps out of inexperience with delegation or reluctance to give projects away to others for many reasons – Perhaps an enjoyment on working on […]

5 Most Important Things to Consider When Updating Your Resume

1) Is Your Resume On Point and On Target? Recruiters and executives typically scan resumes for key elements that stand out so be sure that your resume is short and sweet. But strategic in how you represent its content. This is your marketing brochure and you have less than 10 seconds to capture the attention […]

Another Year Has Gone Bye, Have You Added Any New Skills to Your Resume?

Another year has gone away and you are getting ready to reflect on your accomplishments. Perhaps you are looking at preparation for your annual review, or perhaps you are like many other executives who commit to updating their resume each year. No matter your reasons, being prepared with a well though out resume that reflects […]

Episode 2: Advancing Your Career with Patricia Miller, COO of Nobel Learning Communities, Inc

Patricia Miller, COO, Nobel Learning Communities| Secrets to Advancing Your Career Patricia Miller joined Nobel Learning Communities, Inc., as chief operating officer in January 2004. With more than 35 years of experience in building brands through leadership and strategic development, her career has spanned the university environment, retail, franchising and for-profit education industries. As chief […]

How to Negotiate that Raise like a Pro.

5 Tips to Make Your Encounter Seem Less Awkward.

A New Year is beginning and you have taken a closer look at your finances and realize that you would like to approach your boss about a raise. Like most, your knees are shaking, you are unsure of the risks (cause let’s face it, some employers don’t like you asking) and you might actually like […]