5 Tips to Delegate Effectively to Your Staff

Successful Managers Know How to Delegate Effectively, Here’s How...

Effective delegation is an important tool for any manager and some may argue more of an art over science. But research shows us that some managers hesitate to delegate at all perhaps out of inexperience with delegation or reluctance to give projects away to others for many reasons – Perhaps an enjoyment on working on […]

Add More Customers and Build Your Pipeline

Turning prospects in to customers is a big challenge many business owners face especially when they are not skilled in the selling process. But having customers is necessary to grow your business so here are 7 simple secrets to turning prospects into customers. 1.Attract the right prospect to your funnel It is very easy to […]

How to Negotiate that Raise like a Pro.

5 Tips to Make Your Encounter Seem Less Awkward.

A New Year is beginning and you have taken a closer look at your finances and realize that you would like to approach your boss about a raise. Like most, your knees are shaking, you are unsure of the risks (cause let’s face it, some employers don’t like you asking) and you might actually like […]

Ready to Strengthen Your Negotiating Skills.

Surefire Tips to Get Better Results!

Whether you are negotiating with your teenager on what time to be home, putting together a multi-million dollar deal or requesting a raise or compensation for a new position, you’ll be in a stronger position if you master the art of negotiation. One of my biggest negotiation moments was when I had to sit down […]

Do you have an Office Screamer?

Here is How You Handle That One!

I am a mother of a beautiful young professional but at one time, she was an unruly teenage girl with all the emotional outburst and temper tantrums you can imagine. If you are a parent of a teen girl, you can relate with the trial and error of having to figure out how to deal […]

5 Tips to Becoming an Effective Communicator

Effective communication is one of the most powerful skills an entrepreneur can master to guarantee success. Business is based upon human connections whether it is in leading your staff and advisory team, marketing your brand, selling your products or working with business partners. Communication is an essential part of business. A common mistake is not […]