“9 Phrases to Avoid Using in the Office”

By Alison Doyle

Earlier this year an article was released reviewing the 9 words you should avoid using in your workplace. These phrases can change the way your coworkers view you and also impede on your career. Unfortunately, these 9 words are most likely in your daily vocabulary, however, there are some alternatives! Here is a recap: Just: […]

12 Blogging Mistakes

Are you Guilty of These?

Lindsay Kolowich dives right into the mistakes new bloggers so frequently fall into. I know I can be guilty of some of these and I’m sure you are too! Click Here to read the full article and improve your blogging today!

Ooh Rah!

Women are Taking Charge!

The Martine Corps Times recently came out with an article stating that they were in the midst of changing 19 of the 33 titles that include the word “man” in order to make them more gender neutral. Why? In January of this year the ban was lifted holding women back from particular occupations in the […]

7 Secrets to Your Best Body

Advice From a New Mom

A few months ago, I brought into this world my bundle of joy… my son. It is still one of the best moments of my life and I enjoy being a mom, but the reality, being pregnant takes a toll on your body. Trying to get back to “you” isn’t always easy and requires a […]

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off! What to Do When the Going Gets Tough.

Its 5:00 on Friday, your staff is starting to leave the building to enjoy their weekend and a major issue hits your business that if not handled correctly, could have a material impact on your revenue and customer service. What do you do? Are you calm, cool and collected? Or do you panic and respond […]