Episode 2: Advancing Your Career with Patricia Miller, COO of Nobel Learning Communities, Inc

Patricia Miller, COO, Nobel Learning Communities| Secrets to Advancing Your Career

Patricia Miller joined Nobel Learning Communities, Inc., as chief operating officer in January 2004. With more than 35 years of experience in building brands through leadership and strategic development, her career has spanned the university environment, retail, franchising and for-profit education industries. As chief operating officer of Nobel Learning, Miller has responsibility for more than 155 preschools in 15 states and the District of Columbia.


  • 35 Year Career in University, Retail, Franchising, and For Profit Education.
  • As SVP Of Sylvan Learning Systems ,grew franchise operations from 650 centers to 1200 centers over 8 years
  • Now, COO of Nobel Learning Communities with responsibility over 155 Preschools in 15 states.
  • Serves on the board of Pathways PA – an organization dedicated to helping women, teens and family achieve economic independence & well-being,
  • A sought after panelist for the Grant Thorton Executive Forum, The Philadelphia Women’s Roundtable, and The Association for Corporate Growth.
  • Recognized by Women’s Biz.com as one of the Women to watch
  • One of 2011 Philadelphia Business journal Women of Distinction.

Outside of the office, Miller serves as a mentor to professional women and is active in community service. She is on the board of Pathways PA, an organization dedicated to helping women, teens, children and families achieve economic independence and well-being. Her other commitments include The Forum for Executive Women, The Ohio State University Alumni Association, Chester County Fund for Women and Girls, and Women’s Way. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University and resides in Wayne,

Patricia believes that real lasting change can happen when we want it bad enough and we commit to making it happen. She begins by telling us the story of her first job. She wanted to be a lifeguard but back in the 1950’s, girls were not lifeguards especially when the program was being run by the high

school football coach. Be inspired by her story and how she overcame the challenge of being told “A girl is never going to be a life guard”.

Listen on as she moves through her career sharing wisdom, inspiration and down to earth tips for how she was able to power ahead to the position she holds today.

The lessons Patty shares throughout this program is priceless! And surely going to leave you wanting to learn more.

Her top three (or four in Patty’s case) pieces of advice for women wanting to advance their careers.

Tip 1: Find a Mentor – and be sure to formalize that relationship with clarity so each party knows what is expected of them in this relationship.

Tip 2: Form your own networks or groups to surround yourself with likeminded women who share in your interests and can offer you the support and guidance you will throughout your career.

Tip 3: Always ask questions to learn the most you can about people, their situations and their life stories and more importantly always listen.
>>Do not fall into the rehearsal effect when listening – learn all about it in this episode.

Tip 4: Make a difference every day – ask yourself everyday if you are making a difference and if you are not, do something that does make a difference.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Patty overcame the man/woman stereotype.
  • The top qualities Patty looks for when interviewing upcoming leaders.
  • Patty’s advice on how to stay true to yourself and grounded in who you are.
  • Learn the importance of surrounding yourself with strong people and building a support system
  • How Patty’s tenacity and drive got her exactly what she wanted!
  • Learn Patty’s words of wisdom including:
  • “I’d rather you try something new and ask for forgiveness later” when speaking about taking risks
  • You forced me to think about my story” when talking about rewriting your own story – one of Kellie’s Top Ten Strategies.

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