Forget Resolutions… Let’s Make a Plan!

It seems that every New Years Eve, everyone sets out with the best intentions to make real change in their lives by proclaiming their resolutions for the upcoming year.

I believe that at those moments, we all have the best intentions and hopes but all too often, reality sets in and you lose track of your priorities. You fall back into your bad habits.

Not this year! This year, we are going to throw our resolutions out the window and sit down and create a plan. One that is actionable and one that holds you accountable.

Do you want to make a big change next year? Do you want something that your current career choices don’t support?

Let me and the team at SheTribe help you create your Career Action Plan. All you need to do is decide. Decide that you want this. Decide you deserve it and know that you don’t have to go at it alone.

Join the Tribe and surround yourself with the support you need to make 2016 your year!

I spent some time thinking about what our Tribers need to achieve amazing results and have bundled it all together in the SheTribe community.

The program consists of:

  • Full access to The 94 Day Challenge Program
  • Full access to the SheTribe Community
  • 2 Training Sessions Monthly
  • Participation in our Ask a Mentor Series
  • A CUSTOMIZED Career Action Plan
  • Access to a full network of accomplished women.

Get Started Today. It is a simple as that!