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amazingwomenThroughout history, companies, governments, business ownership has been traditionally dominated by male leaders, however, more and more women with high competence and technical skills are entering the workplace and changing how Corporate America views Women in Leadership.

Studies have shown that a woman’s personality traits and background characteristics are very different than males in similar roles and capacities. It is also proven that women learn differently, engage differently, network differently and are viewed differently.


She Tribe focuses on exactly those differences and provides resources and tools to support members in achieving success in their careers, plus a place where members can:

  • Learn new skills that will enhance your career and business opportunities.
  • Network with industry peers and cultivate long term relationships
  • Share best practices and be mentored by leading industry professionals.
  • Have access to top minds, new strategies and visibility techniques to enhance your positioning.
  • Become an expert and assist others in their development.

Most importantly, join a community of women focused on giving back.

Yes! The key difference in our community is that our group exists to not only support the women in our industry but to fund our philanthropic activities and charitable mission to support women of disadvantage and need.

As a member of this group, you too will have input into the organizations we support and the opportunity to make a real difference in the life of another woman.

By signing up today, you will immediately have access to information, tools, resources and much more for all of your professional and personal development needs. We have also added a forum for our members to interact, network and ask Questions.


Still Not Convinced? Here is ALL the value you get for less than 80 ¢ a day!

➢ Instant access to SheTribe Community
➢ 2 ETraining Webinars a Month LiVE and archived
➢ Access to the 94 Day Challenge Program
➢ Ask a Mentor Forum – Connect with Top Women
➢ Free Resume Review by HR Specialist
➢ Discounts and coupons for products and programs by partners
➢ Unlimited access to tools, resources, articles and much more
➢ Charitable contribution (50% go to our charity fund)


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