The World is Your Gym

No More Excuses!

The World Is Your Gym

To all of you new moms out there know that there is always time to get a workout in! As a new mommy of an 11 month old I have had to get creative in my workouts. There is no guarantee I will have “me” time and let’s be honest—if I do I probably don’t want to spend it working out! Now of course, most gyms offer childcare, but again, I can think of a million others things I’d like to spend my money on! So here are some great ways to use the world around you as your own personal gym.

I use park benches for tricep dips, push-ups, jumps and stretching. Trees and poles work great for wall sits and any open ground is yours for squats, lunges and even sprints. I’ve gotten into the habit of using my baby as my weight and resistance on different exercises as well (as he gains weight he naturally progresses my workouts!).

Have fun with it! Use this time to bond with your baby. It may not look hardcore, but it will get the job done! And if you thought you looked funny working out regularly just wait until you see what you look like doing it in front of a baby. The little noises and funny faces are priceless! But at least now you have a good excuse right?

For those of you moms that have returned to work take advantage of your breaks. Stand up and stretch or, better yet, go for a walk. Get out of the office on your lunch break and move around a little. If you have the option, opt for a standing desk or use a workout ball as your chair. As you wash your hands in the ladies’ room practice some calf raises at the sink. If you want to make it happen- you will! Above all have fun and be creative!

Are there any tips from our readers on making the most of your workouts? What are some ways that you have been able to find time to work out in your already jam-packed day?