Top Resume Trends for 2016

The world around us is changing and so are the general practices of hiring new candidates to join top organizations. The question you need to ask yourself is… Does my resume reflect these new trends?

Today’s recruiters share their wisdom on what you can expect in the upcoming year and provide you some tips to strategically put your resume on top of the pile.

1) Provide a Cover Letter that is Quick, Concise and To the Point!

In a time when people are communicating at 140 characters per minute, you need to make sure that you are getting to the point quickly and are showing the recruiter why you are the best fit for the position. Use short sentences and bullet points and leave out all the marketing fluff.

2) Recruiters will skim – make it count

Nobody really reads full sentences anymore, they skim over and look for key words and main points. Build your resume with this in mind. Draw the eye’s attention to your key accomplishments and use bullets, bold and other visual elements that stand out.

3) Quantify your achievements.

Leaders are looking for team members who can make a difference. How did you increase revenue and profits? How about efficiencies your implemented? How did that translate to the bottom line? Make it easy for your potential employer to calculate the return on an investment in you.

4) Modernize your resume.

Today’s resume includes charts and graphs. Personal branding statements and much more. Leaders are visual and translating your achievements in charts, will help you stand out from the rest.

5) Create a personal brand – Be a thought leader.

Most employers today will Google you and read all of your online profiles – what does your say about you? Create a personal brand by posting your professional opinions on industry chat groups, write articles and speak at industry events and list these items on your social profiles.

6) Edit, Edit and Edit again.

We move at such a quick pace, when writing your resume, be sure to edit twice and my recommendation, edit again. Misspelled words, bad sentences are clear signs that you do not have an attention to detail and often you will be disqualified.