Understanding Gender Differences in the Work Place

Presenter: Randa Davis

Join Randa Davis, owner of Corporate Talk LLC, as she explores the differences among genders and how they play out in the workplace. She will reveal whether or not women realistically have to “act like men” to get ahead.

Webinar Date: Wednesday, October 12th at 1PM EST

Webinar Outline:

Summary of Presentation

  1. Common misconceptions about each gender
    1. That’s what she said
    2. Why is he always so angry?
  2. Should women act like men to get ahead?
    1. Third sex phenomenon
  3. Yes, there is actual science behind our differences!
    1. Hard-wired differently
      1. Exceptions
    2. Blood flow patterns
    3. Structures in the brain
    4. Brain Chemistry
  4. Applying gender intelligence tools
    1. Improve negotiations
    2. Run gender-balanced meetings
    3. Improve communication
    4. Resolve conflict with men and women
  5. Finding a balance
    1. Actions for men
    2. Actions for women
  6. Gender/Brain Spectrum Surveys for men and women

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