Want to Reach Your Goals?

The Secret Weapon in Goal Achievement: The Why!

Did you ever wonder why so many fail at reaching their goals? The answer is simple, they couldn’t tap in to the most powerful weapon they have in their arsenal: The Why.

When beginning your journey towards making change in your life and setting goals, you must not only have a clear direction and plan you must have a burning desire to make change happen. In order to accomplish this you must be able to tap into the core of your burning desire and know why you want to make change.
Although it seems a simple task, the truth is most never reach down into their core to fully appreciate why they want to make change. For it to be truly effective, you must continue to ask yourself why you want to make a change in your life until you cannot answer the question anymore. You must be able to tap into what is most important to you to the furthest point possible without exception; it is only at this point, that you will have a burning desire to achieve all that you want in life.

The why will be what motivates you along your journey and will keep you focused along the way. It will be the strength you will need to overcome obstacles and the courage to overcome fear.

It will be your reminder when you are faced with choices and the reward at the end of your journey. These deep reasons that you want to implement change must also be personal and yield benefits to you personally. You must want to change to achieve something for yourself, not for others. For example, if you are looking to lose weight because you feel your partner would love you more or if you want to learn a new skill because it will make your boss happy are examples of not really reaching your core and making the desire personal enough to have true meaning to you. You must dig deep and find the real reasons you want change in your life and how it will impact you.

Goal setting must follow the three P method to have true meaning: Must be Personal, Must be Positive and Must be in Present Tense.

If you goals are not personal enough to propel you further, you will not be motivated to take the steps necessary to reach your goals.

Even in your business, when you want to set real goals there must be a deeper compelling reason that drives performance throughout your organization. Why do you get up each day? Why do you enjoy serving your customers? Why do your employees follow you?

Answer you why and watch your life, your business, your relationships and your finances soar!
The Why is a powerful goal achievement tool that isn’t used by many, only the super successful. When used properly, success is guaranteed to come. It is the single source of power that will drive your performance the entire way along your journey and therefore the secret weapon of goal achievement.