7 Secrets to Your Best Body

Advice From a New Mom

A few months ago, I brought into this world my bundle of joy… my son. It is still one of the best moments of my life and I enjoy being a mom, but the reality, being pregnant takes a toll on your body. Trying to get back to “you” isn’t always easy and requires a desire to make changes in your lifestyle. Having just gone through this, here are my Top 7 Secrets to Your Best Body.

Secret #1: Do it for YOU
Just like anything else, if you start something for someone other than yourself your heart will never be 100% committed. It won’t be until YOU decide to make a change that you will put in the effort needed to see real results.

Secret #2: Set Realistic Goals
The adrenaline rush in the beginning of a life change can cause people to want to do too much too quickly. That all seems well and good until day #2 when you realize the likelihood of sticking to such an extreme change is almost impossible. – Think New Year’s Resolutions! You are setting yourself up for failure and similar to why most people never achieve their New Year’s Resolution…. They don’t set realistic goals. You have to be honest with yourself and where you are today and build out a plan that works for you. For example, If you are someone that doesn’t exercise regularly and eats take-out every day for lunch and dinner you probably shouldn’t start an extreme workout program and zero carb diet. Choose a routine that will work with your lifestyle and work towards increasing it every day.

Secret #3: Commit to 21 Days
It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. When starting a new workout and diet plan it is crucial that you commit fully for the first 21 days. That means no “cheating”. I recommend a simple calendar with 21 straight days highlighted. Hang it in a place where you can see it every day and mark each day with a star. This will remind you every day to stay focused on your goals and motivate you to continue. If you can make it through the first 3 weeks you will be well on your way to meeting your goals. Exercise will begin to become part of your daily routine and your eating habits will become much easier to maintain.

Secret #4: Remember That Healthy Results Take Time
We live in a world of instant everything. Unfortunately, losing weight does not happen overnight. On average, women lose between 1-2 pounds per week. Use this as a guide for your timeline and goal setting. Don’t get caught up in the “quick fix” diets. These may work in the short term, but as soon as you start eating like an actual person again the weight always seems to find its way back.

Secret #5: Ditch Your Scale
We, as women, love to torture ourselves with the dreaded number we see when we look down at the scale. Forget about the number! I know that may be hard for some of you, but in most cases it does more harm than good. Weighing yourself every day will only make you crazy. You’ll want to weigh yourself in the beginning of your journey to mark your starting point but hide that scale until you complete your first 21 days. Weigh and measure yourself on a monthly basis to gauge results, but remember that the number you see is only a small part of the transformation. Take into account your strength, definition, toning, and stamina. When you start losing weight, everyone will notice. Be ready for those complements because they are coming your way!

Secret #6: Find an Accountability Partner
This is the biggest secret to your success. When you have someone holding you accountable to your plan you are more likely to follow it. Choose someone that will stand firm and give you the kick in the butt you may need from time to time. Your accountability partner should be someone that you trust, someone that will encourage and motivate you, and someone that will be honest. Check in with your accountability partner on a weekly basis to discuss your progress and challenges.

Secret #7: Believe in Yourself
You are your biggest motivator but you are also your biggest adversary. Believe in yourself and draw from your inner superwoman to empower yourself through this journey. Know that there will be challenges but don’t let those challenges bring you down. Use them to make you push harder. If someone tells you that you can’t do it—prove them wrong. Turn that negativity into fuel for your success story.. Remember, we see what we believe so each day visualize yourself at your new weight. Take note of what you are wearing, how you feel, what people are saying. Keep this image in your head and remind yourself every day that you are worth it and you deserve this. Remember the golden rule, If you want it you will get it!

Losing weight for any woman is always a challenge, especially when you are a new mom. It is so easy to find excuses and reasons not to make this change, but the reality is, it will transform your life.

Tell me about your challenges, successes and tips in the comments below. I would love to hear them.